From Our Deepest Roots to the Farthest Branches

From Our Deepest Roots to the Farthest Branches

Welcome to the Roots2Branches Network, a site dedicated to networking with others through our common ancestry. I hope that you will find not only the content a valuable resource and learning tool, but also will utilize what you learn here as a means to reconnect with others and rebuild our splintered family history.

Through our shared contributions, discussion commentary, and extended research participation, we will expand our network of family historians and foster an interest in our children to also develop the knowledge of our deep ancestral roots that they will leave as a legacy to those future branches of the family yet to come.

With over fifteen years of experience, I have a proven track record of obtaining positive results for both distantly related family that I am slightly familiar with as well as the unknown family of unrelated colleagues. I have provided expertise and direction to work through many of the brick walls every researcher will experience at one time or another.

There are presently many on-going discussions that I am a part of which started as an e-mail exchange and have developed into areas of research not previously explored. I have also made discoveries that allowed us to look upon the research done in the past with a renewed perspective, often correcting genealogical mistakes that have lingered for many years.

Feel free to drop me a line regarding subjects of interest and I will work them into our discussion as soon as possible.